With regard to Industry 4.0, it can be said that digital twins make a noticeable contribution to digitization in many areas. But where does the potential for digital twins lie in agriculture? Where can digital twins be used, and what functions do they have to simplify processes in agriculture and provide precise digital support?

In close collaboration between companies and scientific institutions, we would like to work with you to develop an overview of the topic of digital twins and examine established digital twin concepts for their applicability in AgTech and agriculture. To this end, we would like to start with a focus workshop and cordially invite you to the

“Digital Twin as a Tool for Agriculture”
on Tuesday, June 18
from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM

at the Innovation Center Coppenrath (Lok 15).

Please refer to the attached agenda for the planned schedule.

You are warmly invited to present your views and experiences in the field of digital twins in pitches of up to 10 minutes. Afterwards, we will cluster and evaluate the application areas and functions of digital twins with regard to their potential uses in agriculture. This could form the basis for a temporary AVF working group and, for example, culminate in a joint white paper