Data Management and Analysis at the Care Pioneers in Oldenburg

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Small outpatient care services face not only the high workload typical of the industry but also the complex task of controlling their own performance. Moreover, there is a lack of comparable business metrics that allow them to assess and optimize their operations with reference values.

The Care Pioneers (care pioneers GmbH) from Oldenburg advise and support care facilities and municipalities. In the “Cooperative” project, they support a group of care services in rural areas by advising them on economic orientation, developing operational metrics, and providing them with the unique feature of comparison with other care providers of similar size and regional relevance. Participating care providers send selected data on their services, customer, and company structure to the Care Pioneers monthly. The Care Pioneers then record, thoroughly analyze this data, and work with the involved care providers to develop action recommendations.

The team at the European Digital Innovation Hub CITAH supported the Care Pioneers in the prototype development and testing of an improved data management and analysis system. After an initial requirement assessment, a solution was implemented that, unlike the existing system, now offers optimized management of billing and master data as well as dynamic evaluation of time series data for individual care providers or entire groups. Additionally, a metric system was implemented that enables care providers to identify problematic billing items at a glance, allowing them to address these issues effectively and efficiently. On the care providers’ side, erroneous inputs are now avoided during data entry through various plausibility checks and data validations, reducing the workload for the project.