First VR and AR Experiences for Nursing Schools

We support nursing schools in informing their trainees about innovative care technologies and teaching and learning approaches based on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Through lab visits at OFFIS in Oldenburg, trainees get to explore and engage with these technologies first-hand, asking questions and experiencing their applications.

Our service includes preparatory and follow-up sessions at the vocational schools as well as the practical visit to the lab.

An example from our first reporting period is the collaboration with the vocational schools of the district of Osnabrück in Melle. The trainees received a theoretical introduction to the basics of digital transformation and were able to acquire new skills through practical exercises. The practical walkthrough and use of care applications in various settings allowed the trainees to test and reflect on the applications themselves.

Finally, the results of the reflection were presented and individual questions were discussed with the trainees. They also had the opportunity to develop solutions for technical challenges and present them to each other. This experience served to sensitize each individual to the digital transformation in nursing and prepare them for future applications/technologies.​