In-Depth Laboratory Study for Validating a Sensor Shirt

The high-tech startup MinkTec has developed a sensor shirt called ‘rectify’ that continuously detects the shape of the spine. An app informs the user about their posture in real-time and provides a daily overview of their posture.

Deep learning algorithms are also used to investigate the causes of non-specific back pain.

CITAH supports MinkTec GmbH in validating their sensor shirt. In an in-depth study in our laboratories, we examine the measurement accuracy by having study participants perform various movement exercises that cover the entire range of motion of the back. The measurements of the sensor shirt are then compared with a marker-based optical reference system, which serves as the so-called gold standard. Additionally, further fitness exercises are recorded to serve as a training dataset for future automatic recognition of fitness exercises. The in-depth laboratory study assists MinkTec GmbH in their ongoing product development and the implementation of new innovative approaches.