IT security in radiology at St. Joseph-Stift in Bremen

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IT security plays a crucial role in healthcare, as sensitive personal data of patients are collected and processed here. Effective protection against cyber-attacks and data breaches is essential to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of this information. Therefore, a comprehensive IT security strategy in healthcare is of great importance.

The Radiology Department at St. Joseph-Stift, a large radiological-nuclear medicine group practice in Bremen, is currently modernizing its IT infrastructure and has developed a new concept for IT security. The team at the European Digital Innovation Center CITAH provides advisory support with a Cyber Risk Check according to DIN SPEC 27076, a standardized questionnaire for IT security consulting for SMEs. The questionnaire identifies areas where the IT security concept is already very mature and can also uncover gaps that are not yet covered in the concept. This results in a concrete list of recommendations to help improve and complete the security concept.

Lucas Gasenzer, radiologist and IT expert at the Radiology Department at St. Joseph-Stift, says:

We have invested a lot of time in planning our new IT infrastructure. The Cyber Risk Check has confirmed, on the one hand, that our IT security concept is already quite comprehensive, which is very gratifying. On the other hand, it has provided some suggestions for improvement opportunities that we will gradually implement. This will help ensure that our technology remains reliably available for patient care in the future.